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At California Pain, our team of healthcare providers is inspired by a simple question: “Is this the treatment I would want for my family if they were in pain?”
The answer to this question guides our decisions each and every day and we strive to never forget that our practice exists to meet the needs of our patients.



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Neck Pain Treated by California Pain Neck Pain
Neck pain is one of the most prevalent reasons individuals consult with their physician…
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Joint Pain Treated by California Pain Joint Pain
Joints are subject to wear, tear, and very painful disorders like arthritis, bursitis and…
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Face Pain Treated by California Pain Headaches
Primary headaches can further be subdivided as Cluster, Tension, and Migraine which…
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Fibromyalgia Treated by California Pain Fibromyalgia
Include two components: widespread pain, and presence of 11 or more tender points…
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Bulging Discs Treated by California Pain Bulging Disc
When compressed, and under sincere pressure, nearby nerve pain may be caused…
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Back Pain treated by top doctors in California Back Pain
Often attributed to mechanical causes, although some cases are due to more serious illness…
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